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About the Book

Valerie Pankow is a freelance writer and longtime elementary school teacher. As an avid fan of children's literature, she has a keen interest in books which help children through difficult situations. When faced with the premature birth of her third son, Brendan, she was surprised at the lack of children's literature on the subject. Knowing her young sons at home needed help processing the situation, she sat down when Brendan was only three months old and wrote "No Bigger Than My Teddy Bear." She sees it as an effective tool for parents in the tumultuous weeks and months that follow the birth of their preemie(s).

In the years since it's publication, No Bigger Than My Teddy Bear has been a part of wonderful programs to support families facing a different life after a premature birth. It's been purchased by NICU staff, parents, school teachers, and of course parents. It's been delivered in care packages, included in leaving the NICU baskets, and maintained as a waiting room standard in pediatric wards. Regrettably, it's still one of very few stories available for children about prematurity.

Valerie was given more help from more people at the time her preemie son was born than she could ever possibly repay in kind. Her resolution at the time was to instead give back to the community of other families affected by prematurity. No Bigger Than My Teddy bear is her way to "pay it forward" and she's made it a project to keep the book available for preemie families. If you're interested in distributing copies of the book to others, please get in touch so we can make arrangements.

As of July of 2011, No Bigger Than My Teddy Bear has been reprinted for the third time. We are now shipping it in a slightly revised edition with updated fonts, but in the same size, format and glossy paperback cover.

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