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Where to Buy

Listed below are sites and organizations that usually carry No Bigger Than My Teddy Bear in stock.

If you know of a site or location which is not on the list, please let send an email to so we can add them to this page.

Special Needs Project

Direct Text Book

White Oak Books

Centering Corporation

The Tiny Miracles Foundation


Information that can be helpful if searching booksellers' websites or inquiring at the help/information desk at a retail outlet:

Title: No Bigger Than My Teddy Bear
Author: Valerie Pankow
Publisher: Family Books
ISBN: 097284600X
ISBN 13: 978-0972846004
Publication Date: July 2011

New Source

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No Bigger Than My Teddy Bear is back in stock at Special Needs Project, a bookstore that offers a wide selection of books and resources for those with disabilities.

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